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wedding photographer in melbourne

Hello I am Emily 

I am a professional wedding photographer specialised in Storytelling

I am creative, curious, and very sensitive

My services are based on spontaneity, simplicity and laugh

I like to play with my couples, making jokes, catching their hilarious and spontaneous expressions !

It is important for me to create a special connection with you, so I can create something unique to touch your soul 

My mission is to create beautiful and emotional memories for you, with a little bit of me…


Wedding Reportage

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Some Videos

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I'm interested

you can choose any of the standard packages

- Photographic service (10 hours)
- Wooden Box Usb key 16 gb with min. 750 edited photos HD
- Slideshow with music chosen by you with a selection of photos
*Possibility to add a second shooter
- Photographic service (10 hours)
- Wooden Box Usb key 16 gb with min. 750 edited photos HD
- Slideshow with music chosen by you with a selection of photos
- Album 12x12 or 13x9 with 30 pages (60 sides) Cover material: Fabric
*Possibility to add a second shooter
- Photographic services (10 hours)
- Wooden Box Usb key 16 gb with min. 750 edited photos HD
- Slideshow with music chosen by you with a selection of photos
- Album 12x12 or 13x9 with 30 pages (60 sides) Cover material: Fabric
- 2 Album 6x6 or 7x5 for parents identical copies
*Possibility to add a second shooter

My Blog

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Photo Album

Today I was wondering what think a couple when they visite a photographers website Obviously the first think is look photos off course But there are others things to consider For example the products as album, print, enlargement I thought that maybe just pictures products is not enough, because watching a photo you do not understand how is the materi[...]

Bouquet and Creative Flowers

Some days ago, I completed the editing of  a brides picture Her name is Sara. Her wedding was celebrated on 04/08/2016 This sweety girl is a great artist! In fact flowers that decorated her head and her bouquet were completely created by herself! So, for evry future bride that want something original for her wedding can ask to her to create a unique bouqu[...]

Web Portal

For every future bride who do not has clear ideas on how organize her wedding I would give an advice We are in internet period, and you should use it to create great thinks! For example, there are many sites as www.mywedding.com Is a fantastic site that help future bride to organize the wedding It has a wide range of suppliers, as flowers, dress sh[...]

Learn how to get married even with the Covid

Hello! My name is Emily and today I want to share with you something that can be really helpful, inspiring, and can give you a completely different point of view! Did you know that your wedding day doesn't have necessarily to be like all the weddings you have already seen? Did you know that you can choose to plan your day in a totally different way, fo[...]

What people say

“What to say about Emily.. She was absolutely fantastic! Today we received the previews, and me and my husband can’t stop looking at the photos! Super patient, she made us feel comfortable, perfect to catch every magic moment. I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone, she is awesome! ”

“With Emily it was love at the first sight! Thanks to her work, our wedding became a dream!Professionalism, competence, and an irrepressible passion for her job: this is Emily. She is a little Ninja, how we nicknamed her, she always catch every intimate moment transforming it in a work of art.To recommend a thousand of times and always! Thank you Emily! ”

“Having Emily as our photographer was the best choice we could make. The passion she put into her work makes the photos magic! Actually, more than photos they are portrait full of art and personality! Emily represented who we are with simplicity, smile, and lot of patience.I recommend her to every couple that like us, is looking for authentic shoots, she is simply the best! ”

“Emily was a fundamental figure! I did not think I could get from a photographer found randomly so much support, and organisational help. She did not loose a moment, I barely noticed her, never intrusive but always present! Kind, ready to make us feel comfortable, and relaxing. She caught with her camera every emotions! Punctuality, organisation, and put in to a single photo all the spontaneity of the moment are her key skills! And what about her sweetness… she has conquered my kids!”

“Very recommended for your most important day! Not just for her professionalisms, but also for her discretion while she is working. We liked the fact that on her website you could see how she works, and the final result, album and prints, are absolutely lovely! We loved also that she caught every moment without being intrusive and letting us be the protagonists of our day! We have seen many weddings, and most of the time photographers looked like they were forgetting this thing. She didn’t stress us with poses, but she caught our natural expressions, and real emotions! We have heard many things about couples regretting to have chosen photographers just for the low price, but with really low result.Whereas when we saw the photos we have been really happy and satisfied about our choice! An excellent work! Thank you Emily for making our wedding day perfect!”

“Thanks to Emily every picture is funny and special! We don’t have the classic album with traditional photos, but a memories collection caught with the right spirit. he pictures dedicated to us are lovely and natural portrait of us. She is young, but a very professional photographer, and we are super happy with the result: a new and innovative service! 5 stars also for the editing work! Very recommended!”


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