Francesco & Elena Wedding

Francesco and Elena are a lovely couple from Milan

They came in Rome to celebrate their wedding and I was honored to be their photographer 
Elena was so sweet and kind, and Francesco showed a great sense of humor making many jokes during the shooting for them 😉 

The reception took place on Appia Antica a famous street in Rome

Guests came from all Italy to enjoy their wedding and the atmosphere was so happy and full of joy!

Hope you will like and enjoy my photos 🙂

The bride dress was simple and delicate, she looked a lovely doll, and the groom was so elegant with his outfit made by D&G

I loved they decided to use wildflowers to decorate the church and the reception 

The most exciting part was the shooting for them.. we decided to take some photos in the centre of Rome just walking close the church losing ourself in little streets typical Italian

Centerpiece were so elegant and simple exactly as I like, with different books

They used a swing to create a cute tableu, it was so delicate 🙂

Their wedding got a style that i really love, simple  delicate and creative!